This is the long awaited Vocalist FAQ!

Actually, it is more of a glossary, which is something more basic, easier to classify, to search and to maintain.

That is the reason why questions are called words and answers are called definitions.

However, words can be expressions. Expressions can be very close to questions. If you ask yourself "What shall I do to hit high notes?", you can look for a definition for "high notes" or "hit high notes".
The point is to classify all entries at their most logical places in the alphabetical order.
You can see the first entries of this FAQ in the column on the left.

Furthermore, this FAQ can be searched for words or Boolean expressions.

From the menu at the top of this page, you can look at the definitions wanted, ask for definitions, add a definition and update a definition.

Of course, every Vocalister can contribute!
Each definition will be credited to its author.

The Vocalist FAQ is hosted by L'Atelier du Chanteur® at

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We are waiting for your contributions and comments!